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Our Founders

Established 2944

Greater Houston Metropolis, Earth, Sol System

Naloth Halcyon, CDR UEEN (Ret.)

CDR Halcyon was commissioned in the UEE Navy in 2924 and served for twenty years. His final tour was as Commander, Omega Squadron, Recovery & Reclamation Unit 19 of the 7th UEE PCO Flotilla.

Clay Ingvaar

Mr. Ingvaar has a well-earned reputation as a experimental innovator and engineer. His extensive personal network includes influential organizations and persons of note.

Jon Ornith

Mr. Ornith has an extensive background in reclamation, law enforcement, and military service, notably serving honorably in the renowned Squadron 42 as a fighter pilot. His expertise led to the development of advanced techniques for the orbital detection of subterranean high-impact industrial artifacts.

Sage Parvil, Ph.D

Dr. Parvil spent seventeen years at the UEE Military Intelligence Bureau as a subject matter expert in chemistry and astrogeology concerns related to military and intelligence operations. He earned his undergraduate in analytical chemistry from Texas A&M University and a doctorate in astrogeology from the Terra Prime Institute for Technology.

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