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Contract Salvage

Billions of UEC worth of derelict vessels, stations, and other debris are abandoned every year by organizations who do not have the resources to manage their holdings. In accordance with UEE law, most of this detritus is claimed by larger salvaging firms once deemed abandoned, or falls prey to illicit salvagers. According to a 2947 study, abandoned materials account for an average of fifteen-percent of total operating losses for space faring firms over a five-year period.

AMR is here to help recoup some of those losses by doing the hard work. Our professionals will dismantle and reprocess derelict vessels and stations on behalf of our clients before they are declared legally abandoned or poached by criminal junkers. In return for having the right of first claim, we return a percentage of those end profits to you, helping to minimize losses and reduce overhead with man-hours that would otherwise be spent trying to reclaim useful materials from the assets.

Flotsam Reclamation

The retrieval of critical technologies, lost cargo, pre-incident datalog, and remains in suboptimal regions are often neglected by other recovery services. AMR will go to the ends of the known galaxy to recover what matters most: your cargo, data, and departed loved ones. 

Reclamation &

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