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      A'care Mining & Reclamation is proud to be a founding member of the Tau Alliance. Established in 2950 with the Treaty of Levski, the Tau Alliance provides for mutual defense, economic cooperation, and shared expertise among small and medium outer system organisations.

      The Assembly of Organisations regularly convenes to discuss and vote on important topics. Within the Alliance, every Member Organisations is assured soverignty over their individual Organisations; equal representation within the Assembly, regardless of size; and a neutral party to direct all Assembly discussions. 


      Initially forming around the nucleus of Levski, the Tau Alliance is active in several remote systems like Pyro and Nyx. Systems when viewed from Earth and Terra are merely dim lights, hardly notable in their constellations (hence the ordinal letter Tau). Knowing they were too far away from any so-called civilisation (wanted or unwanted), the Organisations of the Tau Alliance came together with a frontier spirit, understanding that any problems they did not solve by themselves would not be solved for them.

      The Ancient Greek letter “tau” was also chosen as a symbol of life and resurrection; the first attempt at an alliance between the founding organisations was marred by deception and attempts to undermine their sovereignty by troublesome agitators. Undeterred, the founding members were emboldened to build from the ashes a stronger alliance: the Tau Alliance!

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Tau Alliance

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