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Cockpit Video from AMR Counter Piracy Operations Released

Cockpit video from an AMR Special Activities Craft (SAC). Three engagements are shown, including two confirmed kills. Background: A Tau Alliance Combined Task Force (CTF) deployed in support of Port Olisar, Crusader which was being assaulted by known Piracy Associated Individuals (PAIs). AMR and IMG pilots deployed to the station based on reports an ongoing lockdown was occurring near Crusader. During the operation, an AMR Special Activities Craft (SAC) managed two kills against an Hercules M2 and a Constellation Andromeda, and struck pirate capital ships Jewel of Atlantis (890J) and Cannon Fodder (Hammerhead) forcing them to retreat. The CTF was assisted by other civilian craft operating in the vicinity of Port Olisar.

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