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Employee Spotlight: William Rogers

William N. Rogers is no stranger to hard work, though his professional and military background include performing many tasks on board mining and salvage vessels like at the edge of inhabited space brings with it experience unlike many others and produces a well rounded work horse.

After over a decade of service with the UEE Military Waste Management department Mr. Rogers struck out on his own. As his discharge papers were processing one reclaimer was just about to be decommissioned and dismantled. William made sure that didn’t happen. One old work horse couldn’t let another be put down when there was so much life left.

That was the day he became the proud owner of the Percheron. so she’s had her share of experiences and still holds a lot of those quirks. It’s never a dull moment aboard that big girl, but she mostly gets us home….mostly. Now he’s on his way to expanding his crew and his fleet. He signed his contact with A’Care Mining and Reclamation in 2950 and immediately went to work cleaning up the stanton system and is ready to handle jobs of any size.

William still holds top secret clearance and is rated and experienced with handling civilian, industrial and military grade salvage. Any sensitive equipment and information will be held in the strictest confidence and our clients can have absolute certainty that the salvage will be done swiftly and will be done correctly.

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